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American International Medical University, St Lucia



  • Founded in 2006 in the Caribbean Island of St Lucia
  • Run by an Indian Management with many Indian faculty and administrative staff
  • St Lucia is a secure, English speaking country, one of the safest in the Caribbean
  • More Indian students enrolled and graduated from AIMU, making it one of the biggest Indian student societies
  • Tropical climatic conditions; Indian food available
  • One of the Most affordable Caribbean Medical Schools for Indian students
  • Approved and listed in MCI, WHO, MCC (Canada), FAIMER’s IMED, etc.
  • Option to do Clinical Sciences in USA, UK, etc
  • Proven track record in Residency Placements
  • High Success rate in MCI screening test (Consistently over 95%)
  • Works very closely with the St Lucian Government and teaching hospitals all over USA and other countries
  • Internship and Clinicals in Government Hospitals in St Lucia / USA
  • In partnership with Washington Adventist University, Takoma park, Maryland, USA
  • Deserving student get upto 15% scholarship

American International Medical University located in Saint Lucia, is an independent affiliate of AIM-U International Group, one of the premier Caribbean medical schools offering courses in Medicine and Nursing.

At AIM-U, our mission is to prepare highly dedicated students to become effective, successful Physicians & Nurses by focusing on imparting the knowledge, skills, and values required for our students to establish a successful path in their career.

Commitment to Excellence

Students choose AIM-U, because of our faculty, curriculum and technologically advanced campus, and our well-earned reputation for providing the education that enables our students to pass their licensing exams.

The accomplishments of our MD, AND & LPN graduates are a testament to the quality of our curriculum, dedicated faculty, and excellent facilities at our Saint Lucia campus in the Caribbean.

AIM-U is accredited by:

The Ministry of Education, Saint Lucia

AIM-U’s curriculum and academic programs are prepared and monitored by Members / Specialists of Medical Councils, including Medical School Accreditation Approval and Monitoring Committee, ECFMG, and the Medical Council of India.


We are also widely listed and recognized by many organizations including:

  • ECFMG (listed with FAIMER’s IMED)
  • World Health Organization
  • Medical Council of India
  • Medical Council of Canada

AIM-U Mission and Vision

AIM-U is the institutional partnership program between the American International Medical University (AIM-U) and Washington Adventist University (WAU). WAU is an accredited university located in a suburb of Washington D C., the nation’s capital known for quality education. AIM-U is a new generation health care education and service provider, which has partnered with the Government of Saint Lucia and Washington Adventist University (WAU). AIM-U offers a variety of programs at its Gros-Islet campus in Saint Lucia.


  • To prepare medical and nursing students to meet challenges in the field of modern medicine.
  • To achieve global identity though innovative educational methods.
  • To take care of the health of the general public by training future physicians in the most current and advanced medical treatments.
  • To contribute to the well being of humanity by teaching students to practice medicine in accordance with high ethical values, with the greatest appreciation for human life.
  • To provide the best environment conducive to the education, health and welfare of our students and community.


Preparing Medical and Nursing students to meet the challenges in the continually advancing health industry and to provide quality health care to all those in need bringing health care innovation to serve humanity.


  • AIM-U is a new generation Medical University recognized as per the norms of ECFMG, USA.
  • AIM-U Curriculum is prepared and monitored by experts of ECFMG, GMC, Nursing Council of Saint Lucia, Medical Council of India and Medical School Accreditation, Approval and Monitoring Committee.
  • AIM-U has entered into partnerships with leading organizations such as UNESCO WPC, for inter-institutional projects.
  • AIM-U considers bright and highly motivated students regardless of their economic and social status by providing fellowships & scholarships.
  • Successful medical and nursing graduates are eligible for the licensing process in USA, Canada and other countries.


  • Recognized & Listed with ECFMG USA (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates USA for US Licensure)
  • Recognized and Listed with World Health Organisation – Avicenna Directory (WHO-Avicenna directory)
  • Accreditation by Ministry of Education and Culture, Government of Saint Lucia.
  • Medical Council of India
  • Approved and Listed for Canadian licensing process
  • Approved and listed with FAIMER’S IMED
  • Recognized and approved by Ministry of Health, The Government of Saint Lucia.
  • Affiliations with ACGME Teaching Hospitals in USA
  • Medical Council of Canada (MCC)