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Orenburg State Medical University

Established in 1944 as Chkalov State Medical Institute. It was renamed to Orenburg State Medical Institute in 1957. By decision of State committee of Russia on Higher School, the Institute was reorganized into The Orenburg State Medical Academy on July 15, 1994.

Currently there are 8 Faculties: Medicine, Pediatric, Stomatology (Dentistry), Pharmacy, Clinical Psychology, Nursing, Public Health, Continuing Education.

During 6 years of training, the students will learn an extensive program of 54 subjects in medical faculty and Training takes place in 47 departments of the faculty and courses in which more than 300 professors, associate professors and Doctors teaches student basics of the human body and the functioning of the body, the basics of Pathology etc.

There are three hostels at the Academy: No.1, No.2 and No.3. They became the second home for young people who came from different places and countries. All facilities are available in the hostels e.g., rooms for organization and running of events, sports areas, household rooms with all necessary equipment, personal hygiene rooms, libraries, Internet, cloak-rooms etc.