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Russia is the largest country in the world. It covers nine time zones and the official language in the country is Russian. Moscow is the capital of the country. Russia ranks ninth among the few most populous countries in the world. Russia offers beautiful places to new visitors and is a picturesque country. Higher education in Russia started with the establishment of universities in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Foreigners visiting the country need to have a valid passport and visa.


Russia occupies the area which lies between Europe and North Pacific Ocean. It spans across all climate zones except the tropical zone. The northern region of the country is covered with coniferous forests, tundra and swamps. Only 8% of the total land is arable. A large part of the country is covered with vast plains. A large portion of the Russian territory lies in the temperate zone. Western Russia comprises of low plateaus. Cobalt, platinum, silver and gold are some of the mineral deposits which are found in Russia. Volga is the main river of the country which flows to the Caspian Sea.


Russia has a vivid history which is a mix of capitalism and socialism. The first Russian dynasty was founded by Viking Rurik in 862. Unity was brought about among the different communities through Christianity which Russians began to follow. The central power was held by the dukes of Kiev in the 11th century. Mongols destroyed the kingdom of Kiev. By 1861, serfdom was abolished in the country. On 30th December 1922, Union of Soviet Socialist Republic was established.

Climate & Weather

Climate varies across the vast country. The two seasons which Russians experiences are winter and summer. Spring and autumn can be experienced briefly. Winters in the northern region are harsh and long. The southern half of the country is warmer. Harvest of vegetables and fruits is possible in this weather. By the end of May Russians can go out without warm clothing. Some Russian cities experience extreme weather. Southern Russia, which is close to seashores, is a favoured holiday destination where people travel to get tanned.


The rail network in the country is highly developed. You can travel in the bus and train services in order to cover distances within the country. Trains can be comfortable for long journeys. You can exchange bus tickets from trams and trolley buses. To avail official taxis you need to order them in advance. Having a rough idea about the rates can always be helpful before travelling.

Holidays in Russia

New Year’s Day, Christmas feature among the official holidays of the Russian Federation. On New Year’s Day Russian hide gifts, decorate fir trees and cook delectable dishes. Christmas too is a long awaited holiday during which people engage in good deeds and enjoy festivities. Victor Day is a sacred holiday when the wartime heroes are remembered, and wreaths are placed. Russia Day is celebrated on 12th of June and is an official National holiday. The academic year at the Russian universities comprise of 10 weeks of holidays. The summer holiday is an eight week break which students can enjoy after a long session of class which is held from February 9th to June 30th.

Russian Embassy

Russian embassy in India has laid down certain guidelines, which Indian students need to follow in order to enrol in a medical program. It is mandatory for students to obtain a no objection certificate from the Medical Council Of India. All the documents need to be apostle. Severely documents are required in order to issue a Russian student visa. The aspirants need to submit an HIV test certificate. The students need to have a valid passport. A duly filed payment slip is collected by the visa section. One passport sized photograph in alight background is mandatory. For additional information on the visa, the Russian embassy can be contacted.

Culture in Russia

Let Varied Aspects of Russian Culture Seep into Your Senses Russian culture includes rich history, strong traditions, painting, cinema, animation and music. Contribution of Russia to world culture is invaluable. The richness of Russian literature has been experienced by people across the globe. Russian ballet is an important aspect of the country’s culture. As Indian students plan to complete a medical program in the Russian universities the interesting aspects of Russian culture will have a positive impact on their lives. Russian opera singers and musicians are very popular across the globe. Choreographers across different countries support Russian ballet traditions. Language and folklore In Russia 100 languages are spoken. Russian is the most widely spoken language which features among the six official languages in United Nations. Indian students aspiring for a medical program in Russian universities should learn Russian. This will help them to communicate with the citizens. Knowing Russian can be helpful during job interviews. Russian folklore comprises of interesting fairy tales which have been adopted for fairy tales. During the stay in Russia tracing the interesting folklore and epic stories can be an interesting hobby. Art and literature Most famous literary works of the world are in Russian. Indian students during their stay in this rich country can discover the beauty of the Russian literary works. For aspirants who wish to broaden their knowledge beyond the course curriculum, reading short fiction and poetry in Russian can be an invigorating experience. The brightly painted Russian architecture can take you back into time. Matryoshka dolls are an integral part of handicrafts. Painting the dolls can be an elaborate process which requires highly specialized skills in art and craft. From time immemorial Russian artists have been able to achieve a global status for their unique styles. A colourful country Classical music and folk dance of the country are very popular. Indian students aiming to continue studies in Russia can imbibe the rich culture. Enrolling in Russian music and dance classes can be a wonderful experience. For students who love to imbibe new cultures Russia is the perfect destination. Soviet films are very successful. They offer great entertainment and leisure. The veritable flavors of Black bread and soups are a sumptuous treat. Food is not a problem for the Indian students who select Russian universities for medical programs. The national holidays in the country are connected with the traditions.

Economy of Russia

An Overview of the Economy of Russia

Russian Federation or Russia is the largest and the ninth most populous country in the world. The developing economy of the country is the 8th largest in the world and has the world’s 6th largest Purchasing Power Parity. Natural resources, education, especially medical education, trade; tourism, technology, space, aircraft, and automotive industries are the important sectors, where foreign exchange is earned by the country. The present order of the economy of Russia indicates a potential future, for employment of foreign nationals in diverse sectors. From being a centrally planned, Russia is gradually and prominently, turning to a consumer-oriented, and internationally integrated economy.

The State of Investments

Russia’s investment climate has undergone a massive transformation with an assortment of reforms. The process of privatization has been rapid and extensive. But Russia still continues to maintain over 1000 state owned companies, as the country’s strategic enterprises. Foreign investments in these strategic sectors are restricted. Foreign direct and indirect investments have been rising at a steady rate. A diverse range of foreign goods and services are sold in the domestic market after numerous restrictions were eliminated. Russia’s retained earnings, cash transactions, sales and political stability, have increased in leaps and bounds, with relaxation of restrictions on export and import. Foreign portfolio investment, in shares and securities, is on a rise. Incremental savings through significant banking reforms have been witnessed during the last and present decade.

Dominance of Industries

Russia records a steady flow of trade surpluses because of the huge export of commodities and services. Technological, scientific, telecommunication, tourism and educational developments have been the most recent trend in the country.Economy of Russia has shown major scientific developments in various sectors, like,automotive manufacturing, robotic manufacturing, aircraft, military equipments, patents, academic publishing and medical science.58 percentile of the Gross Domestic Product of the economy is consisted of services. The most dominant service sectors include healthcare, education, public administration, tourism, personal goods, real estate, retail trade, wholesale trade, communications, agriculture, nanotechnology, mining etc.

Wealth of Natural Resources

Russians are a wealth of natural resources. No wonder, it is the world’s largest producer and exporter of gold, diamond and minerals. The country has numerous untapped oil and natural gas zones, which are expected to be accessible, with the global warming effect of melting of the Arctic ice. Russia has the world’s largest cover of forest, with almost one-fifth of the world’s forest. International trade in forest products and by-products is becoming a gradual contributor to the economy of Russia. The majority of the hard currency of the country comes from oil and gas exports. The country has the largest petroleum and natural gas reserves in the world. It also is a significant leader in coal and oil reserves.

Tourism in Russia

Discover Rich and Harmonious Beauty of Russian Cities Russia offers a myriad of opportunities to Indian students who wish to pursue medical education in the foreign country. Russia records the highest proportion of college graduates in the working age population. The vast country embraces foreign nationals with its hospitality. The warm and friendly people ensure that the stay of the Indian students is a memorable and delightful one. Exploring outdoor activities in the country can be great fun. Students can take part in rafting, fishing, kayaking and skiing. The museums and palaces unveil the rich Russian history. Nature in the picturesque country should not be missed.

Exciting adventure The lush green meadows and lofty mountains capped with snow are a treat to the visitor’s eye. The picturesque country offers the right ambience which is conducive for Indian students. After they work hard at their curriculum, they can unwind with horseback rides and bicycle safaris. During vacation students can take part in underwater diving to explore the depths of the sea. For the past few years underwater diving in Russia has become largely popular. Adventures like windsurfing can be very interesting. With the right gear water-ski can be very exciting. Maneuvering a kayak on the river can be a unique experience.

A treat to the eyes Discover the charm of Vladimir, Posad, Rostov and Kostroma. Indian students can experience the invigorating nature as they continue to pursue academic pursuits in Russia. The architecture in Moscow is the right blend of Oriental and Western cultures. Suzdal located in Northeast of Moscow is a popular tourist destination. With waterfalls and natural springs, Sochi is a place which can mesmerize visitors. For Indian students who have chosen Russia as their destination, the country offers experiences which will remain etched in the mind forever. The interesting monuments and museums can take you back in time.

Vibrant and alluring After obtaining a Russian student visa, you can head for the fascinating country. During weekends, the students can marvel at the natural and man-made wonders. During your stay in Russia, you can plan for a voyage on a cruise. Travelling on the waters of River Volga can be a unique experience. After classes, Indian medical students can unwind with excursions and walking tours. The Russian cities offer a wealth of entertainment, music and culture. A trip to the Armoury museum can be very memorable. Indian students who graduate from the Russia Universities can enjoy their stay in the country.