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Osh State University

Medical faculty of Osh State University has been training foreign students since 1992. During the years of its existence the Medical faculty at Osh State University has trained foreign students from more than twenty countries. At present 2751 students are studying at Medical faculty including about 600 students from other countries like Pakistan, India, Nepal, Palestine, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and other countries

The medium of instruction is English and Russian. Foreign Students have a choice to study in English medium or Russian medium. Foreign students don't have to study at preparatory department, they get admission directly into first year M.D in English medium. All the subjects are taught in English language. On the completion of course, degree of M.D is awarded which is valid and recognized all over the world.


Medical faculty of Osh State University is listed with WHO (World Health Organization) global database of medical schools

Medical faculty of Osh State University is also listed with Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, USA (ECFMG) FAIMER International Medical Education Directory IMED.

**Osh State University is ranked the best university of the Kyrgyz Republic.

**Osh State University has been declared most popular university of the Kyrgyz Republic.