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Medical Colleges in Philippines & more!


Study MBBS in Philippines with Lowest Tuition fees: MBBS in Philippines in Low tuition fees for Indian Students. Get Admission in Top Medical Universities of Philippines at affordable tuition fees,...

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Why Philippines

The Philippines (also known as Pilippinas and Filipino :), is legitimately the democracy of the Philippines (Republikang Pilippinas; RP). The country is an archipelagic place that is located towards...

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VISA Information

Student Visa The applicant for student visa, having means sufficient for education and support in the Philippines, must be at least eighteen (18) years old and seeks to enter the Philippines...

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  • I would love to thank MBBS ABROAD for guiding me Stear clear of confusion And helping me to go after my dream of studying University, MBBS and guiding me into joining this University.
  • Things are going really good at Philippines and I am really fine. Thanks to MBBS ABROAD I am here today. The dream of becoming as MBBS doctor is being fulfilled.
  • I feel proud to say that MBBS ABROAD is shows one among the best colleges for medical science courses and also Good campus, faculty.
  • If you ask me to recommend the best overseas educational consultancy, I point to MBBS ABROAD. Me from a middle class family could joint Philippines, to do MD. Thanks to MBBS ABROAD.

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MBBS in Philippines in Low tuition fees for Indian Students. Get Admission in Top Medical Universities of Philippines at affordable tuition fees, Enquire Now!!! Philippines is rising fast as a perfect destination of technological, cultural and educational hub.

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Central America

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China is a beautiful land which attracts a large number of foreign students. It is considered as the third largest country in the world.

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Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe, with an area of 603,700 square kilometers; a coastline of 2,782 kilometers and a population of 45.70 million (2008). The capital and the largest city in Ukraine is Kiev.

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Russia is the largest country in the world. It covers nine time zones and the official language in the country is Russian. ..

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